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Functionality And Benefits

For Telecom Developers

Preferred Programming Language

The language and platform agnostic “Protocol Buffers” and gRPC allows development using modern programming languages of your choice. This includes Java, C#, PHP, Phython, Ruby and more.

Build A Distributed Platform

Unlike limits imposed by traditional host based APIs, network based APIs allow better scalability, more redundancy and un-restricted architecture

Quick To Deploy

Agile & reliable SDK with built in features that can enhance and simplify your development lifecycle.

Enhance two key factors: versatility and reliability. Allow quicker time to market while lowering the overall cost of ownership


One Tool For Multiple

Telephony Applications

Start building your VoIP enabled IVR, PBX, Call Recording or Conferencing solutions using your preferred programming language with the help of our gRPC telephony network API.

Pika Technologies has been in business manufacturing Analog/Digital telephony boards in Canada since 1987. We can help you port or build your application using our modern day SDK that supports Analog or Digital lines on a worldwide basis (TDM/SIP/VoIP).

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